Sunday, October 31, 2010

Countdown to Halloween 2010! Sunday Funnies: Wrightson Goes Plop!

This is it, Groove-ophiles! We've counted down another dreadfully dy-no-mite 31 days--and it's Halloween once more! Ol' Groove's layin' a double-size treat on ya so we can party like it's 1499! Here come two--count 'em--TWO of Bernie Wrightson's most memorable masterpieces of the macabre, both from--where else?--PLOP!

We'll kick things off with Steve Skeates' immortal "The Gourmet" from Plop! #1 (July 1973). This tale is legendary, and if you've never dug it before, boy are you lucky!

And to wind things down, we're pulling out Plop! #5's (February 1974) "Molded in Evil", scripted by George Kashdan.

Hope you enjoyed this year's tricks n treats, Groove-ophiles! Tomorrow it's back to normal (whatever that is), but Ol' Groove'll do his best to make it worth you while to join us!


  1. Very cool! I used to buy Plop too. But I don't remember these stories. Hey how about posting the Wrightson art from the two Jack Oleck House of Mystery novels from 1973 & 74.

  2. aw, I knew you wouldn't let me down, Groove! I love that Molded in Evil one, brings back nothing but the very coolest memories.



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