Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Countdown to Halloween 2010! The Boys from Derby: A Nick Cuti Two-fer with Don Newton and Tom Sutton

What it is, my Groovy Ghoulies! Today's a terrifying Tuesday two-fer starring nightmarish Nick Cuti! Ol' Groove, for those of you just out of your coffin, digs Mr. Cuti's sinister stories the most, so it's only natural that I just have to share a couple more with you as we speed toward the finish line we all know and love as Halloween! Today's perilous pair come from Charlton's Ghostly Haunts #42 (October 1974) and Midnight Tales #10 (September 1974) and are devilishly drawn by the titanic talents of Don Newton and Tom Sutton.

First up, I dare you to follow..."The Man Who Hunted Satan"!

Still here after that? You Groove-ophiles are a hearty lot, aren't ya? Well, let's see how your nerves tingle after you meet..." The Strange Mr. Milque"!

See you back here tomorrow at two strokes past midnight...if you dare!

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