Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Countdown to Halloween 2010! Haunting Art from the Marvel Bullpen

Greetings, Ghoul-ophiles! Way back in 2008, during Ol' Groove's first time participating in the Countdown to Halloween, I did a short piece on Marvel's digest prose mag, Haunt of Horror. I'm not gonna repeat what I said there 'cause you can read it here, but I've been dying to post some awesome art that I couldn't post back then ('cause I didn't have scans yet, natch). Instead of firing all of my guns at once, I thought I'd share the sensational spot illos from legends like Gene Colan, Frank Brunner, Barry (Windsor-) Smith, John Romita Sr., and the rest of the gang from HOH #1 (March 1973). Oh, and of course we're taking another look at that far-out and fearsome Gray Morrow cover. Dig it, baby!

Next year, Ol' Groove's gonna lay the art from HOH #2 on ya. How's that for something to look forward to?


  1. Hey Groovie Ghoulie One!
    I especially like the Brunner & Ploog drawings. I was & still am a Brunner & Ploog junkie!

  2. Oh, you TEASER you!
    I bought the next issue of this mag as a teen, which contained the second half of "Conjure Wife," which was an awesome story. I have always wished to find the previous issue, so I could read the whole thing... and here, when I saw your post, I thought "at last, scans of the story!" But alas, it was just images from it. A taste only.


  3. lovely stuff there, bloke. now, I'm gonna have to go digging through the boxes in the back just to find # 2 ( yeah, like I'm waiting 'til next year! ). . .



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