Saturday, October 9, 2010

Countdown to Halloween 2010! Random Reads: Pat Boyette's "The Visitor"

Pat Boyette is another one of those artists (like Frank Robbins, f'rinstance) that you kinda had to "grow up" to "get". He was a mainstay at Charlton throughout most of the Silver and Groovy Ages drawing everything from horror to war to superheroes to westerns, polarizing fandom with a love-hate relationship few could match. Thing is, Boyette was a true original. A visionary storyteller with a truly unique style. On occasion, he would write and draw comics for other publishers, like this one he drew for (believe it or not) Archie Comics' Red Circle Sorcery #11 (December 1974). G'head, give "The Visitor" a shot. What do you think of Pat Boyette's handiwork, Groove-ophiles?


  1. Thanks, Groove. Boyette got to me early on from his Carlton stuff (plus his few Skywald contributions.) His trademark crazy panels, the nervous energy to his inks, it was all so refreshingly "off." This story is a fine example.

  2. As one of those who had to grow up to "get" Boyette, I enjoyed your post today. Shortly after I started reevaluating him, I was pleasantly surprised to find out how highly his work was regarded by artists such as Toth and Ditko.

  3. Hey, Groove - I actually had this one way back when and it was one of my favorite comics while I owned it...I loved Boyette's stuff and always wanted to find more of it. I recall thinking he should've been given some mainstream books in DC and Marvel to work on.

  4. I totally agree with that 'grow up to get' assessment, sir! You are absolutely right. Great call!



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