Monday, November 15, 2010

Grooviest Covers of All Time: Jim Starlin Covers Marvel-Age Classics Plus Two

What it is, Groove-ophiles! Ya know that "Judo" Jim Starlin is one'a Groove's all-time faves, so I thought today'd be a great day to look back at some of his early Marvel work. Seems that a lotta new guys at Marvel had to work their way through the ranks by working on covers and splashes for Marvel's British comics, then they'd work their way "up" to covers of Marvel's reprint mags, then covers for all-new mags before getting their big break on a main title (sprinkling in some short mystery strips along the way). Mr. Starlin was no different. Before getting his break on Iron Man and breaking out on Captain Marvel, he did lots of covers. Here are a far-out few he did for Marvel's reprint mags.

Those covers to Marvel Triple Action #7 and Marvel's Greatest Comics #41 are all-time faves, for sure! And dig how much mileage Jim got out of that "step back" pose he used for The Thing, The Torch, Tharn, and the dude in the smoking jacket!


  1. I miss crazy captioned covers, and logos that looked like comic logos.

    Lovin' this series of posts!

  2. Great topic, I forgot how many of these covers Jim Starlin did. It's too bad he didn't get to do more Avengers & FF stories. I loved his Capt.Mar-vel & especially his Adam Warlock of course was Gold! literally! It's Gold Jim! Gold! Sorry I couldn't help myself, had a Seinfeld moment!

    Is it true Jim's doing a Cosmic Kramer comic? LOL! Gettddii UUUppp!!

  3. Thanks for showing these rarely seen Starlin covers. How about showing his Marvel UK works?

  4. It's all going on with these - they've got the look of Jack Kirby meets John Romita about them..

  5. Marvel Feature #11.. Thing and Hulk.. Great cover, Starlin's internal art was PRIMO..!!



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