Friday, November 12, 2010

Tony DeZuniga Week! Bring On the Back-ups: "Island of Fear!" by Mayer and DeZuniga

Ahhhh, the legendary Black Orchid. Created by Golden Age Great and Sugar & Spike creator Sheldon Mayer, this mysterious super-heroine starred in three issues of Adventure Comics (428-430), followed by 8 issues as a back-up in The Phantom Stranger (31-32, 35-36, 38-41). Mayer wrote BO's first four appearances and our man of the hour Tony DeZuniga illustrated them, making her first appearance as back-up in The Phantom Stranger's mag their swan-song. I'm gonna have to do an "If You Blinked You Missed..." post on The Black Orchid one'a these days, but until then, savor this scintillating saga from Phantom Stranger #31 (March 1974). Follow the Black Orchid to the..."Island of Fear!"

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