Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tony DeZuniga Week! Black and White Wednesday: "The Billion Year War!" by Conway, Buscema, and DeZuniga

What it is, Groove-ophiles! Didja know that while Tony DeZuniga was best known for his Jonah Hex and mystery work for DC, over at Marvel Tony was the go-to guy for savages, dinosaurs, gods, and barbarians. His work as penciler and/or inker on gazillions of Conan and Conan-like characters made him a Groovy Age fave for fans of the House of Ideas. In Ol' Groove's opinion much of Tony's most inspired work came when he inked/finished Big John Buscema's pencils. Take this "movie-length" Ka-Zar masterpiece from Savage Tales #8 (November 1974) written by Gerry Conway, for example. Buscema's powerful figures and amazing storytelling are enhanced to the Nth degree by DeZuniga's highly evocative and illustrative inks. It's pure Marvel magic, baby, and it's all here just for you!

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