Friday, November 19, 2010

Random Reads: "The Strange Ones" by Oleck and Kaluta

What it is, Groove-ophiles! Ya know, sometimes during the Groovy Age you'd pick up a mag out of habit or 'cause you had an extra quarter burning a hole in your pocket. You didn't expect much, just a few moments of entertainment, but then--BAM!--out of the blue, you get hit by an unexpected surprise hidden in the back like this haunting classic by Jack Oleck and Mike Kaluta. From Weird Mystery Tales #24 (August 1975), dig on "The Strange Ones"!


  1. Okay, dude! I NEARLY uploaded this story about six minutes ago, but opted instead for an old Al Williamson tale! It seems like you have a talent for reading my mind LOL! Seriously, I have this already uploaded and ready for posting, but will hold back a while now.

    All kidding aside, I admire your taste in comic book tales!

  2. Kaluta's drawing is still wobbly in a few places, and characters don't always stay 'on model' - the female lead's hairline shoots way back, then forward, for example. He seemed to do better with single illustrations, as evidenced by his work in THE STUDIO and some of his comic book covers. I liked the asymmetrical design of the female enforcer's glasses. If only the inks were more polished! A bit rough, and the ending was a bit heavy-handed. Not a classic, but definitely overlooked. This was in the final issue of WEIRD MYSTERY TALES before the book folded. Some of Kaluta's finest work was done around the same time for THE SWORDS OF SHAHRAZAR. Top form drawing and colours!

    Chris A.



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