Friday, April 27, 2012

Grooviest Covers of All Time: Nick Cardy's JLA, Round 1

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! In the early 1970s, the great Nick Cardy became DC's go-to cover artist in much the same manner as Gil Kane had done over at Marvel. This meant DC had some awesomely classy covers populating the spinner-racks of the day. Some of Young Groove's faves came during a long run on Justice League of America from the end of the twenty-five cent/fifty-two page era to the 100 page/sixty cent era; issues 99-104 and 106-109 (March 1972-October 1973). Tons of heroes handled with grace and power. Yeah, Cardy rocked!

Thanx, Grand Comics Database for the scintillating scans!


  1. Hear,hear!
    /Mr Anonymous
    p.s.I'm particularly fond of NO 107.
    I haven't read the story.Is it as great as the cover promises?

  2. Some of the best ever! Love the Cardy cover era! His work is the very definition of "elegance".

    Rip Off

  3. I have to admit that I never gave Nick Cardy the credit that he deserved in those days- I wanted all my DC covers to be by Neal Adams and no one else. But my admiration for his work has continued to grow over the years, especially for his Aquaman covers which are outstanding. The covers above are good, if nowhere near his best, and they're not helped by the heads running down the side - the covers at the bottom are much more effective, with the images given more room to breathe.

  4. "Yeah, Cardy rocked!"

    Cardy Rock is in the house... tonight?

  5. Great covers,Great memories! I received JLA-# 107+ 108 for Xmas that year,along with dozens of other comics.I read & reread that 2-part JSA,JLA & Freedom Fighters crossover for years.The first intro of Golden Age Heroes for me !!

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