Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bring on the Back-ups: Ragman by Kanigher and Kubert

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Ragman co-creators Bob Kanigher and Joe Kubert got it all together with a special "silent" five-page back-up that ran in the back of Ragman #4 (November 1976). No need for Ol' Groove to ramble on about it--just feast your eyes on this master class of comicbook storytelling!


  1. Spectacular - thanks very much for posting this, Groove. Seeing posts of those original stories always makes me regret that Ragman as originally conceived by Kanigher and Kubert, i.e., as sort of a poor man's Batman, never caught on to become a runaway hit.

  2. Talk about bad Karma! LOL I loved Ragman & agree with Edo. I was bummed out this character wasn't a immediately hit. The poor version of Batman. I loved Michael Golden's Ragman story in Batman Family too. WOW!

  3. Groove, I want to let it be known that any day you post Kanigher-Kubert automatically makes it a good day, regardless of whatever future horrors await me! Those two were my heroes growing up. Heck, they still are.

    Kubert captures the body language and lack of character of the thieves perfectly in this one. Thanks, as always.

    1. De nada, C.K. T'was my pleasure to present this masterpiece!

  4. Begging your pardon...I meant Frank Robbins...Noy Springer...( Also a great talent though )

  5. My first comment is absent...did u gt it?

  6. ok..I said earlier : I remeber that Brave and the Bold with art by Aparo when batman and Ragman traded costumes to chase down one anothers crooks. They did this because Batman got shot and Ragman lethim wear his suit because it has mystical healing properties.
    Then I said Joe Kuberts work on the mini series was nothing less than phenomenal. It reminded me of Will Eisner and Frank Springer...but I actually meant Frank Robbins....there was more but thats all I can remember. ;)



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