Monday, April 30, 2012

Avengers Week! Making a Splash: The Avengers' "Big Three"

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! This is it! The week so many faithful fans have been waiting for--the debut of the first-ever Avengers movie! Ol' Groove has been dying for a live-action dose of Avengers since he saw a listing for The Avengers in a 1972 ish of TV Guide on a channel I didn't get. No, I'd never heard of Steed and Peel at that point, so I had visions of Cap and the Scarlet Witch boogieing in my head. Sigh. At least I did have those occasional episodes of the Marvel Super-Heroes cartoon show that featured my awesome assemblers to keep me from total devastation, but still, it wasn't live-action. Then in the late 70s we got some live-action Marvel with The Incredible Hulk (awesome show that still holds up very well), Spider-Man (blech, but it was all we had so I watched it religiously), Captain America (baaaarrrrrrrrffffffffff, but...I had to watch both "movies"), and Dr. Strange (which was far-out and cool). Not a chance of seeing the Avengers assemble on the tube, though....and with TV's track record I'm not sure I'd'a wanted them to! But this coming Friday...wah-hoo!

Today we're gonna mix things up and kick Avengers Week off with a stack of Avengers splashes that include our "Big Three", Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man. Though they are "founding fathers" you'd be surprised at how rarely we got all three of 'em in one ish of the Avengers back during the Groovy Age--much less all together on a splash page. Sometimes the only way all three of 'em "posed" for a splash was when everyone else was in it, too--and then it becomes almost a case of "Where's Waldo"! Check 'em out, baby, and groove to the awesome artistry of Heck, the Brothers Buscema, Adams, (Windsor-) Smith, Buckler, Brown, Perez, and Wenzel!


  1. Enjoyed Steve Englehart's run on the Avengers - Classic! Bob Brown, another under-rated illustrator. His lay-outs were amazing!

  2. We've been waiting for The Avengers movie since the Groovy Age, and suffice to say, it was worth the wait. Looking forward to seeing it again. And again.

  3. I feel like I've been waiting for this all my life.
    And now that it's here, I'm literally trembling.




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