Monday, April 23, 2012

Random Reads: "The Wizard of Lemuria!" by Carter, Effinger, Isabella, Mayerik, and Colletta

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Let's get down with yet another chapter in the stunning saga of Lin Carter's Thongor of Lost Lemuria! Today's post focuses on the second installment of Marvel's adaptation of "The Wizard of Lemuria" adapted by George Effinger and Tony Isabella (writers) and Val Mayerik and Vinnie Colletta (artists). Dinosaurs! Flying ships! Wizards! Man-eating plants! Invisible servants! More dinosaurs! All this and a Gil Kane cover, too! From June 1973, it's Creatures on the Loose #25!


  1. I purchased the complete run of Thongor/Creatures on the Loose a few months ago,sitting in a $1 bin.Every once in awhile, I get in a "barbarian" reading mood. Used to read Lin Carter's Thongor in paperback form back in the late 60's- early 70's !

  2. Arrgh! One of my least favorite jobs ever, done only as a favor to Roy Thomas. I hated Thongor...and I think it shows in the scripting.

    1. So did you have any hand in the plot, or did you handle the scripting chores only? And please spill--why'd ya hate Thongor? Was it the character or the s&s genre in particular?

  3. I didn't have anything to do with the plot. I just scripted most of the pages. I think Roy might have done the first three. As to why I hated Thongor, I had to read the novel to script these pages and thought the writing was so bad that I only read enough of the novel to do my job. I have never finished it. I saw Thongor as a third-rate Conan knockoff. My pain continued because fellow proofreaders Marv Wolfman and Don McGregor used to insist that I proofread the subsequent issues since I "knew" the character. Oh, the pain!



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