Thursday, July 31, 2014

Random Reads: "...Live or Let Die!" by Friedrich, Weiss, and Abel

What it is, Groove-ophiles! Today we're gonna check out the final ish of Atlas/Seaboard's The Brute #3 (April 1975). As usual with most Atlas/Seaboard mags the third (usually final) or fourth (definitely final) ish of a series meant big changes, and The Brute was no different from the rest of the line. Gone was the regular creative team of Michael Fleisher, Mike Sekowsky, and Pablo Marcos (along with editor Jeff Rovin), replaced by new editor, Larry Lieber, writer Gary Friedrich, and art team, Alan Weiss and Jack Abel. And, as usual, the new team brought a new direction--this one included a super-villain, the funky Doomstalker!
Cover art by Pablo Marcos

Wotta way to go!


  1. BUMMMMERR!! Oiir Brute looks like his days as Atlas's swinger are over! I guess Atlas was now going to retitle the book Doomstalker! Now watch DC & Marvel steal my idea as their newest gimmick! Kill off the main hero & replace him/her & retitle the mag with the villain! I'm surprised DC didn't simply do that with Capt.Marvel/Shazam with Black Adam. The way they trased that character & made Black Adam a superstar! I loved the Brute until he started chowing down on everything! LOL

  2. Pg. 9 Panel 3 - Is it me or does the Brute's son look like the Wonder Twins' monkey Gleek from Super Friends?

  3. I know copying is an old and honorable tradition in comics, from even before the days of Wonderman no, 1, but this ridiculous.



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