Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Random Reads: "A Man for All Centuries!" by G. Friedrich, Estrada, and Giacoia

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! If you've read anything at all about the infamous, short-lived Atlas/Seaboard line of comics, you know that before the end of most of their titles' miniscule runs, they would go through a major make-over (usually in the last issue). The Phoenix #4 (July 1975) was no exception--in fact, it was the poster-child for just how extreme those Atlas/Seaboard make-overs could be! Totally new writer/artist team, new editor, new direction, new costume, new face, new powers, new purpose--whew! Reminds Ol' Groove of those early, floundering days of Marvel's Captain Marvel (pre-Roy Thomas/Gil Kane), but I gotta be honest--I really think this one had potential. Aaaand, I kinda dig the new outfit, especially the shirt and the Phoenix symbol. Oh, how I would have LOVED to have seen how Gary Friedrich, Ric Estrada, and Frank Giacoia would have followed up on ..."A Man for All Centuries!"
Cover art by Al Milgrom


  1. Complete and utter garbage. Chris as superhero is turned into Captain Generic.



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