Thursday, July 2, 2015

Funny Stuff: "The Blue Plague" by Uncredited

Are ya ready for a chuckle or two, Groove-ophiles? Then join Ol' Groove for this hair-raising (derby raising?) adventure featuring our favorite Tuff Little Ghost and his goil Poil as they face "The Blue Plague" from Spooky #131 (April 1972)!


  1. This comic is filled with uncomfortable images. The hairy mad scientist transformed into the sexy lady was certainly an odd and unexpected surprise (and somehow unpleasant too)...but the real winner is Poil (pearl?). A very ill conceived design. Casper in Drag. Somehow that big mop of hair really makes her look naked. And then suddenly all the ghosts appear to be naked too. I'll resist commenting on why the scientist's posture was so terrible.
    And what's with that very very eccentric hatching style in the second last panel of the second last page?
    I love the old Harvey comics. They are always brimming with some kind of weird undercurrent.

  2. Groove - I love this posting! You don't suppose the villian was the inspiration for Marvel's Ring Master?

  3. @GLG: Yeah, this is some squicky stuff. Since their Pillsbury Dough Boy proportions are identical to those of Richie, Casper, Wendy, et al, I've always assumed Spooky and Pearl to be child-ghosts, so every panel of Pearl's predicament screams "bad touch." The tickling thing?

    And while I wouldn't say this about every tale, you're right--a lot of Harvey stories feature stuff that may have sailed over our heads as kids but now make us wonder what editor would ever let such blatant fetish material ever see print.



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