Monday, July 6, 2015

Metal Mondays: "Killing Me Softly With His Scream!" by Harris, Pasko, and Staton

The Metal Men are back, baby! No partial reprints, just a straight-forward (well, as straight-forward as MM got during this era) super-heroic/sci fi antics by writers Jack C. Harris and Martin Pasko and new MM artist Joe Staton! Even Walt Simonson is back, providing the captivating cover! Get outta the sun, get in the cool, grab a glass of lemonade, and chill with Metal Men #51 (January 1987)! Here comes, "Killing Me Softly With His Scream!"


  1. Poor comrade Ivan!
    "What kind of fiendish commie pinko would train his agents to do that?"
    Dr. Sun? The Crimson Dynamo? No, It's Vox.
    First time I read the word "Pinko", it was in a Mr. Monster's comic...
    The more I read This "Metal men", the more I regret we had not an Italian version in the 70'...

  2. I'm almost as big of fan of Staton's as I am of Simonson, and he really didn't miss a beat doing the art on the Metal Men. It's actually a pretty natural fit, when you think about it.



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