Friday, July 17, 2015

The Grooviest Covers of All Time: Ant-Man in the Groovy Age

Can you believe it, Groove-ophiles? An Ant-Man movie? Who'd ever'a thunk it? Well, it's coming, and it looks pretty cool, and yeah, Ol' Groove and the Groove Clan are definitely gonna be perched in those center row seats to check it out! While we wait, let's plant our peepers on the far-out covers Ant-Man appeared on during the Groovy Age. Most of these star Hank Pym in the role he created (via Lee and Kirby, natch), while the newest star Scott Lang (of David Michelinie/John Byrne/Bob Layton vintage). Sadly, these aren't all the comics Ant-Man appeared in during the Groovy Age--but there were many a mag in which Ant-Man appeared--even when he had a mega-super-role (Avengers #93 and Captain Marvel #35, I'm lookin' at you!) but didn't make the cover. In fact there might be a few covers here in which it might take a little effort to find our Incredible Shrinking Hero. Have fun, baby!

Thank you, Tom Florio!


  1. Still remember buying Avengers 100 (and Thor 200) off the spinner on the same day. Wish I could be 12 years old again - knowing what I know now, LOL. I still remember the letters column about Avengers 100, in Avengers 102 / 103 with some folks complaining about BWS's art and how "everyone looked like Conan." In fact, at that tender age, I thought the same thing and was similarly traumatized at not recognizing the should-be-familiar faces. Though not as traumatized as when DH took over for Gene Colan drawing my green Captain Marvel's and Daredevil.

  2. I picked Marvel Premiere # 47 as one of the top 100 covers if all time.



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