Friday, July 3, 2015

Making a Splash: DC Comics 40 Years Ago This Month, July 1975

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! In a post last month, Ol' Groove rapped about how hard it was to find comics when my family moved from Harlan to Knox County. Well, by July, the situation was well in hand. There was one store in town (hooray) and three in the next town over (Corbin) that sold comics! Yes! I had to do some walking, but t'was well worth it! I was able to get my greasy paws on each and every mag I wanted, as long as I timed things right! So while July 1975 was hot outside, it was cool inside with a pile of DC mags like these...

G.I. Combat #183

Star-Spangled War Stories #183

Plop! #17


  1. Good Lord, comics were great back then. Such diversity of type and subject, so much fun and so energetic. A time much missed....

  2. What a time... KIrby, Kubert, Ditko still drawing.

  3. Fantastic post - reminds me why I spent a bit of time looking for DCs even though their distribution in the UK was terrible compared to Marvel's.

    Nice Nestor Redondo pages, particularly the Swamp Thing. And that Tarzan is really striking, definitely something to track down .... Had to look that one up and its by Frank Reyes, a name that doesn't ring any bells with me (other than seeing it on another page here). Google doesn't seem to turn up much, so I'd really appreciate if anyone out there could give me any pointers....

    The other thing that stands out here is Kamandi. Those issues with Pyra just before Kirby left were great. Thanks Groove


  4. All of that output was in one month? That’s amazing. The list didn't even include a ton of the more famous titles, right? I guess I never fully appreciated how much content was coming out of DC. Great post.

  5. Steve Ditko and Wally Wood - I only have to glance at a page to know it's them.

    That's the sign of a great comic artist.

  6. I always associated Kubert with his military comics but his Tarzan run is just as impressive. It just goes to show that his rugged look for drawing action scenes went so well with those Tarzan books.

    Shane G.

  7. Charlie Horse 47: Ditko is still very much drawing; you can buy lots of his recent creator owned material at

  8. Great to see Kubert and all the fine Filipino artists here. Ditko and Wood were already waning talents, but it was still nice to see their work. The real surprise was seeing Neal Adams back at HOUSE OF MYSTERY after years of absence, albeit only in inking Paul Kirchner's pencils. It's a shame the quality of printing was sliding down the tubes at that time, but the medium survived it, and today's technology makes them look terrific---which is why a lot of these ought to see reprint now!

    Chris A.

  9. Birds Eye View dont get the Birdies after you



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