Monday, August 17, 2015

Micronauts Mondays: "We Are the Enigma Force!" by Mantlo, Golden, and Milgrom

Here it is, Groove-ophiles! The sensational, cosmos-spanning conclusion to the Micronauts vs. Baron Karza saga from Micronauts #11 (August 1979)! Teen Groove abso-positive-o-lutely went bonkers for "We Are the Enigma Force!" by Bill Mantlo, Michael Golden, and Al Milgrom! All the series players came together for an action-packed, wall-to-wall, non-stop masterpiece of a mash-up of war, superheroes, and sci-fi in one of the most satisfying conclusions Ol' Groove has ever had the pleasure of reading. Bill, Michael, and Al were on fire, baby--look at those far out outer- (inner?) space action scenes! Those Steranko-esque color holds! Tons of Kirby-krackle! That majestic battle between The Enigma Force/Commander Rann and Baron Karza was worth the price of admission! Sounds like Ol' Groove still loves this is! Bet you will, too!


  1. Am I going buggy, or does Golden's art look like Kaluta?

  2. That run was great, but thankfully the comic stayed pretty strong for the rest of the run too.

  3. Awesome!! Please cover Golden's final issue, #12, with the fantastic battle of the Acroyears!

  4. I remember this comic. So weird to see the cover again after all these years.



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