Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Titanic Tuesdays: "Daddy's Little Crimefighter!" by Rozakis, Delbo and Colletta

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! We're back with another Teen Titans episode, this one featuring the secret of "The Joker's Daughter", the introduction of Bumblebee, and Aqualad at death's door! Not a bad deal for thirty-five cents, huh? Whaddya say we trip on back to March 1977 with Bob Rozakis, Jose Delbo, and Vinnie Colletta for Teen Titans #48 and "Daddy's Little Girl Crimefighter!"
Cover art by Rich Buckler and Jack Abel


  1. How hilarious. Aqualad is dying because they forgot to put water in his tank. They're just like real teenagers.

  2. My favourite comics story that Jose Delbo drew was "The Last Straw" for DC's The Witching Hour #9 in 1970 (with a great Neal Adams cover related to the story). You should show that one, Groove! Jose was in great form there. He went on to do a lot of Wonder Woman and Thundercats material for DC.


    Chris A.

  3. Whoever designed that Harlequin costume needed a good talking to.

    1. If you think that's bad, wait'll you see Hornblower's outfit (even worse than the name)!

    2. That's what I loved about this series. Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse...

      James Chatterton

    3. Hornblower's outfit was designed by a fan, so can't blame DC for that. Plus he only used it for an issue or two. I don't think Harlequin's outfit is that bad, not by 1970s standards. Love me some Rozakis TT!

  4. Duela was like a bridge between Golden Age Molly Mayne and modern day Harley Quinn. Strange that if she'd been more successful there might never have been a Harley.



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