Friday, September 18, 2015

Team-up Week! The Grooviest Covers of All Time: DC Comics Presents Superman and...

'Tis the last day of Team-up Week, Groove-ophiles, so let's end with something super! SuperMAN, that is! Near the end of the Groovy Age, DC finally gave Superman his own team-up mag (without having to kick Batman out of World's Finest like they did in the early 70s)! The mag was pretty cool, but some of the covers alone were worth the spare change it cost to buy them! Especially great were the covers by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, but Ross Andru and Jim Starlin turned out some cool ones before the Groovy Age came to a close! Here are Ol' Groove's faves! Which ones do you dig the most?


  1. Love all of these covers, esp. the Garcia Lopez ones; they bring back some great reading memories (although I'm a bit puzzled at the omission of issue no. 2 - also a great and memorable cover).
    I used to really like DCCP, and I thoroughly enjoyed those first few issues with the great Garcia Lopez art - which I mainly got in those bagged 3-packs, usually with issues of Action Comics, Batman and Superboy & the Legion, marketed by Whitman, so they all had "Whitman Comics Presents" written on the cover.

  2. Garcia Lopez really liked tilting his view to the left, it appears!

  3. Jose Luis Garcia Lopez is a great draftsman. And I've always loved the work of Ross Andru (particularly when inked by Dick Giordano). But Jim Starlin is one of my favorites. So I'll have to give the edge to him, coverwise.



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