Monday, October 12, 2015

Greetings from Skartaris: "Tower of Fear" by Mike Grell

Greetings from Skartaris, Groove-ophiles! Mike Grell is at it again with another magnificent, and appropriately for October, macabre ish of Warlord! "Tower of Fear" from Warlord #10 (September 1977) features demons, monsters (of the Lovecraftian variety), and the resurrection of  Skartaris' greatest evil...


  1. I never really warmed up to Warlord. Maybe because it hit the stands right before I began my 9 year hiatus from collecting comics. Thanks to your various postings I may have to give Mr. Grell's series a retroactive looksee.

  2. Vintage Grell Warlord, in that fine B.V. era (Before Vinnie). OK, cheap shot.... But I do love Grell inking Grell! These stories just blew away 12 year old me ... the action, violence, scantily clad ladies, monsters, sci-fi ... ah! So freakin' cool!

    Keep these Warlord issues coming, please! I just love re-reading them.

    Weird that the blurb on the last page say to look for WarLord #12 --- this was issue 10... Oops?

    1. Looks like they knew ish 11 was going to be a reprint, John. Even weirder, huh?

  3. The next issue, WARLORD 11, is a reprint issue of Warlord's first appearance by Grell in FIRST ISSUE SPECIAL 8.

    For easy navigation, here's a link to Groove's post of the next consecutive story in WARLORD 12, cover-dated May 1978:



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