Friday, October 9, 2015

Making a Splash: The Monster of Ploog-enstein

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! Mighty Mike Ploog's art was a breath of fresh autumn air...the kind that comes in October! Werewolf by Night, Ghost Rider, Man-Thing, and of course, The Monster of Frankenstein were made all awesomely (and awfully--in the best way) illustrated by Master Ploog during the early 70s. His Marvel-ously macabre Monster of Frankenstein both thrilled and chilled Young Groove for six sensational issues (Monster of Frankenstein 1-5, then the title changed to The Frankenstein Monster for ish #6, October 1972-August 1973)! How powerful are these Eisner-inspired pencil and ink etchings? See for yourself, baby...

The Frankenstein Monster #6


  1. Mike Ploog! His time was short at Marvel, but he left a Sasquatch-sized footprint on the Bronze Age. And who can forget his great inking jobs over Tom Sutton in Amazing Adventures # 12 and Jim Starlin in Journey into Mystery # 1?

  2. I recall having acquired some, if not all, of these, either the first time, or second-third-fourth hand at flea markets and such. Awesome stuff.

    John Buscema took over the series after Ploog left, and it was just as good. Val Mayerik followed soon after. In fact, they've finally collected the series in TPB form, recently released.

    1. I didn't care care for the rushed fill-in jobs by Buscema. But the arrival of Moench and Mayerick took the series in a whole new direction and an even higher level of quality. Especially once Klaus Janson joined the team.

  3. We had the record and comic of this character ... even had a few comic book stories of this one as well...



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