Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Were-Week! Black and White Wednesday: "Dime Novel Hero!" by Cuti and Heath

How-ow-AAAAOOOOOOOOO's it shakin', Groove-ophiles! Were-week is clambering on in a cowboy kinda way with this short-shocker from Nick Cuti and Russ Heath (with the pages in the correct order on this'un, Pilgrims)! From Creepy #105 (December 1978) get ready to slap leather (and fire some silver bullets) at the "Dime Novel Hero!"


  1. I have never forgotten this story. I was a totally besotted Lone Ranger fan when I was a kid, and this story knocked me for a loop -- loved it! (I also seem to recall a similar story in an issue of The Monster Times a few years before this.)

  2. Hmm now we know why the Lone Ranger used silver bullets! Great tale from master Cuti and gorgeous artwork from the maestro Russ Heath! Maybe we should get a sequel, how's about Tonto, Vampire Slayer? :)

    - Mike from Trinidad & Tobago.

  3. Yes!! Russ Heath again. Thanks, Groove. Please keep giving us art from this master of the medium. This is another tale I've never seen before. The black and white mags sure brought out the best in Mr. Heath.

  4. Yes, this was a swipe from a story that had previously appeared in THE MONSTER TIMES #24 ("Werewolf Goes West," illustrated by Frank Brunner), but at least it is a self-swipe--Cuti wrote both versions.

    The original can be found here:

  5. Terrific story: great premise, good payoff, superlative artwork…just one thing, and that's the dialogue. It's just not very good. Seemingly written by an author, who thinks that's what western fiction dialogue actually sounds like.

  6. Tarnation, Becton! Ain't everybody perfect!


  7. Tarnation, Becton! Everybody ain't perfect.



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