Thursday, October 29, 2015

Amazed by Aparo: "The Phantom Crew" by Dipluhm and Aparo

'Tis almost Halloween, Groove-ophiles, so don'tcha think it's time for a good, old-fashioned ghost story? Yeah, Ol' Groove thought you would! So here's a creepy classic from "Norm Dipluhm" and Jim Aparo from Ghostly Tales #65 (December 1967)! Prepare to set sail with..."The Phantom Crew"!


  1. So, 'Norm Dipluhm' is a "nom de plume", i'm guessing? :) haha :P

  2. I've probably said it before when you post this Charlton stuff from the 1960s, but thanks so much. I just love seeing the early Aparo artwork, which to me looks just as good as his later work at DC.

    Sina, I don't what you're talking about. For those of us in the know, Dipluhm is a pretty well-known writer on the comics scene. He later married long-time Charlton letterer A(nne) Machine, and I think they're now both working (in a behind-the-scenes capacity) for Alter Ego magazine ... :P

  3. Make mine Sad Sack!

  4. Classy Jimmy Appie (just what I call him) is, hands down, my favorite Batman artist. When I imagine Batman, I see Aparo's pencils - and he was a workhorse of an artist as well. I've never seen his early Charlton work. Thanks for posting.



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