Friday, October 23, 2015

Were-Week Concludes! The Grooviest Covers of All Time: 13 Werewolves

Check it ow-ow-owoooOUT, Groove-ophiles! 13 of Ol' Groove's fave covers featuring a variety of werewolves from a variety of publishers in no particular order! Don'tcha just love those hairy horrors?


  1. What's it with green duds for werewolves? Besides it being Jack Russell's choice of trouser hue, it seems to show up on a few other hirsute fellows here.

  2. Nice post. I really have to come here more often, I almost missed Were - Week. Once again you inspired me to do my own version of this :

  3. Love that Doc Savage cover.

  4. A great Bronze Age werewolf story has to be Marvel Team Up 37, where Man Wolf inexplicable shows up to join a monster mash with Spidey and Frankenstein against the Monster Maker, who has some nutty plan to combine the DNA of all three to make some kind of undead were-spider and...I'm not sure where the plan went from there. I think Gerry Conway pretty much phoned those issues in...



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