Monday, October 19, 2015

Were-Week! Monday Marvels: "Cat and Mouse" by Isabella, Meugnoit, and Colletta

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Ol' Groove does some ka-razee things sometimes, and this is the continuation of one of 'em! Waaaaaaaaaaaay back in November of 2013, we dug on the first of Tigra's solo-stories from Marvel Chillers #3 (you can read it here)...and before that, in July 2011, we shared Marvel Chillers #6 (with the groovy John Byrne art, click here to see it), and even before that, in October 2008, we rapped about her creation (right here)! Well, today we're gonna turn the pages of Marvel Chillers #5 (March 1976) (never fear, ish #4 was a fill-in by Chris Claremont and Frank Robbins--we'll get to that one later)! Tony (the Tiger--but of course) Isabella and Will Meugnoit are joined by Vinnie Colletta to tell the tale of Tigra vs. the Rat Pack vs. Red Wolf (!?)! Are ya ready for a game of..."Cat and Mouse"?

Special thanx to max_renn for the spooktacular scans!


  1. Replies
    1. If memory serves me correctly he co-created the DNAgents with Mark Evanier for Eclipse in the 80s. He's mostly done storyboarding for the entertainment industry. And oddly his name is pronounced the same as Sal Mineo's.

  2. Ugh. Another Vince Colletta butcher job.

  3. I had these issues! Will Meugniot was a favorite of mine from DNAgents, but he seemed to have lost interest in this series (and maybe comics in general?); IIRC John Byrne took over with the following issue. I am one of the few who liked Greer better as The Cat, and thought that that series had a lot of wasted potential.



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