Thursday, November 5, 2015

Murphy Anderson Week: "The Case of the Off-Key Crimes!" by Wein and Anderson

Hawkman! We can't possibly spend a week celebrating the work of Murphy Anderson without including one of his Hawkman masterpieces! And if Ol' Groove's not terribly mistaken (and I'm sure someone out there is ready to correct me if I am, so lay it on me, baby), this is Anderson's next-to-last  Hawkman job as both penciler and inker, so that makes it kinda special. From Detective Comics #480 (August 1978) here's "The Case of the Off-Key Crimes!" written by Len Wein!


  1. IMHO, Hawkman's solo series was one of the best (and probably one of the most under-rated) of its time.

  2. "...Pied Piper's...blown...the wings...right back...!" :P how many men can say that, stereotypically, would you say? :D

  3. That was a fun adventure. I haven't read a Hawkman comic probably since the Truman days (the author, not the president). I have no idea how the character is doing at DC nowadays...

  4. never saw this-but by 78 i was 15 and the only DC book that held my attention was the LSH- i was a Marvel guy by then-i put Andersons version of Hawk Man right up there with Kuberts-and of course i liked Dillins rendition in the JLA (especially when Giorodano was inling)- this is just awesome-i really like his classic costume over the warrior armor crap he wears today-just a really sweet example of Anderson's talent as Both a penciller and inker! thanks Groove (btw-will we get to see an example of Anderson's inks over Dave Cockrum's LSH pencils?) keep up the EXCELLENT work groove!

    1. Ya mean this, , jimbo?



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