Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Black and White Wednesday: "The Monster and the Metal Master!" by Moench, Simonson, and Alcala

The Hulk in France! No romance happenin', though, Groove-ophiles! Just the Gray Goliath vs. the Metal Master (and his freaky Ferronaut) trying to lay the smack-down on one another! It's fun, action packed, and filled with heart! It's called "The Monster and the Metal Master!" by Doug Moench, Walt Simonson, and Alfredo Alcala, and it's from Rampaging Hulk #3 (March 1977). Simonsos layouts are big, loud, and downright stunning! Dig it!
Cover art by Earl Norem


  1. Really? :/ ur choosing *now* to feature something terrifying attacking France? :O now, I kno' u don't have a mean, spiteful, ironic or sardonic bone in your body, o groovemeister, so may I assume that this was sheer coincidence or oversight or misplaced timing on your part...or mere over-dramatic reacting on mine? :D :P ;) either way, u kno' where our hearts truly are, groovemeister, as always B) so hope, comfort, joy & healing, for everyone who needs it & more...also thanx again for all your work, your site & all your good deeds, great keeper of the groove :D

    1. I did, indeed, write and cue this post weeks ago. I really thought posting it would be more of a tribute, showing the strength of goodness (the good guy wins) and the beauty of France. I have an uncle (by marriage) from France, so I have nothing but love and hope toward those who were so cruelly done last week (but who are already recovering and fighting back). It ends with The Hulk hugging the little boy....pretty positive message, I think...

  2. I vividly remember this story, even after all these years. Poor Sturky! So nice to see one of my old-time favorites again.



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