Friday, November 6, 2015

Murphy Anderson Week Concludes! The Grooviest Covers of All Time: Murphy Anderson Made Me Buy These!

Time to wrap up our week-long tribute to Murphy Anderson, Groove-ophiles! Hope you've dug it! Ol' Groove thought we'd wrap things up with a dyn-o-mite dozen of Anderson's awesome artistry on a variety of DC mags. Can you dig it?


  1. Thank you, Mr Groove, for sharing.
    I've dug it. I've dug it plenty!
    /Mr Anonymous

  2. Two comments: 1) It's eerie how that comic predicted that war in Washington in 1990; 2) I am guessing that the secret of the moon sphinx is eye lasers.

  3. Say groove
    Thx for the week dedicated to Murphy Anderson. While as a youngster my loyalties were fierce and laid completely with the House of Ideas. As a result I cheated myself and was never exposed to some pretty important artists that help establish the comics medium with the Distinguished Competition or other companies. Clearly Murphy Anderson is one of those artists that deserve the recognition that you gave him this week.
    As with all great great storytellers he understood composition and how panels should move and direct the readers eye. He understood how the human body moves and how to lay out lights and darks to make the subject pop off the page. All this and I haven't got to the plain simple fact, THE MAN CAN FLAT OUT DRAW!!!!! Wow. The day you had the "black and white" drawings was the day that really opened my eyes to just how good Mr. Anderson was.
    So thank you Groove.
    And thank you Mr. Anderson for contributions to an American medium which I love so much, you have a brand new fan.

    1. See? :D *exactly* why i feel, in the future, Rob Liefeld will be viewed as a comics-equiv of Picasso, imo :)



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