Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Feast 2015: "The Legionnaires Who Haunted Superboy!" by Bates and Grell

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! We're finishing our Thanksgiving Feast 2015 with a most superior dessert, recommended by none other than James Sanders III (artist and Groove-ophile supreme)! From Superboy #206 (October 1974) here are Cary Bates and Mike Grell with..."The Legionnaires Who Haunted Superboy!"


  1. We'll at least they went out with a bang! LOL Creepy story! Great art by Mike Grell though.

  2. Thanks for posting. I had forgotten about this story. Loved the LSH back in the Cockrum/Grell days.

  3. Great story. Great artwork - Grell's putting on an anatomy clinic in this one. I've always been a LoSH fan - they were sacrificing superheroes long before death became cool in the Bronze Age.

  4. Good lord :O how ethical is this by the legion to knowingly (re-)create intelligent, sentient life with a fixed, doomed lifespan *simply as an experiment* to see if they would be "as reliable" & "trustworthy" as the "originals"? :/ it's a fiery, explosive end that neither saw coming & left them with no free-will choice to enjoy life on their own terms...strictly to live & be born & die for the purposes of the legion's ends? They don't get a slow fade to reflect & reminisce on their lives or even learn the true nature of their insidious conceptions? :( *AND* the legion has plans a'plenty to not only continue with these nauseating & insulting procedures, but to also pursue them full-scale, judging by the massive collection of "samples" that they've gathered from legionaires both old, new, dead & alive :( & how irresponsible of Superboy to go along with it from the very beginning :O truly, i am horrifically & woefully agast at the sheer *rotteness* of this supposed-tale of supposed-to-be "heroes" :I ...but maybe this is truly where whiny & retarded "Crisis-Superboy" came from, judging by his inexperienced lack of discretionary ethics, tbh :/

  5. Nevermind that, but just sheer logistics dictates that the cell samples *must* be older than 48 hours, allowing for growth-to-maturity time, otherwise these "clones" would've had to have been synthesized completely whole in order for the violent 48-hour expiration date to be in effect :( horrible story, this one, imo :/



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