Thursday, November 12, 2015

Groovy Age Gold: "Oh, Plastic Man!" by Jack Cole

This one's for you, Groove-ophile Keith Donald! I'm sure the rest of y'all hanging out in Groove City will dig this classic Jack Cole Plastic Man masterpiece from Batman #238 (the stunning Super-Spectacular issue from November 1971, don'tcha know!)

"Oh, Plastic Man!" (as close to a title we got on this'sun) was originally published in Police Comics #14 (cover-dated December 1942).


  1. Groove, I am profoundly disappointed that you did not feature a "Sad Sack" on Veteran's Day yesterday.

    As an aside, my news agency had two spinner racks for comics. One seemed to be 100% Harvey, of which Sad Sack seemed to command an entire column. This suggests Sad Sack is America's favorite vet! (Anyone have any notion what % of comic sales Harvey had back in the early-mid 1970s? )

  2. So sorry, but I have no Sad Sack comics to share. I did have some, but where they are now, I do not know. I've scoured the internet for some Sad Sack scans to no avail. Maybe Santa will bring me some Sad Sack comics for Christmas...

    1. If you give me an address, I might be able to provide you a book!



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