Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tuesday Two-fer: "Time-Warp" by Barr, Barretto, and Adkins and "Plague" by Kashdan, Newton, and Mitchell

Gobble, gobble, Groove-ophiles! Let's talk turkey: Time Warp was a pretty cool sci fi comic! Too bad it was so short-lived. Just take, for example, November 1979's Time Warp #3! Under it's way-too-pulpy-cool Mike Kaluta cover there are a ton of cool stories--including the twisted tale that lead off the ish, "Time Warp" (What an appropriate title!) by Mike W. Barr, Ed Barretto, and Dan Adkins...

Then, there's the issue's final sci-fi shocker by George Kashdan, Don Newton, and Steve Mitchell, "Plague"!

And if you're in the mood for more Time Warp wonderment, just click the Time Warp link over there in the Stream of Comicbook Consciousness section! Time Warp! It's not just a campy dance number any more!

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  1. Man, I wished I had been a regular reader of this. As it stands, I think I only had one issue of this (or maybe it was just a borrowed copy?) - guess it was too far out of my super-hero comfort zone at about the age of 10-11 when the series was coming out. Even as a kid, though, I admired those covers by Kaluta.
    Anyway, thanks for posting this - several of my favorite creators are here: Barr, Barretto and Newton (and it really sucks that the latter two are deceased...)



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