Friday, November 20, 2015

Making a Splash: Marvel Comics 40 Years Ago This Month

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Whaddya say we truck on back to November 1975 to see what Marvel Comics had to offer us in exchange for our precious quarters? I thought you might dig that! What Ol' Groove notices most is that our two fave Georges, Perez and Tuska, seemed to have been in a contest to see who could draw the most Marvel mags in one month. The Brothers Buscema (John and Sal) made a good showing in that race, too, as did Herb Trimpe and Gene Colan! And oh, my personal fave mags that month? Avengers #144 (debut of Hellcat), Warlock #11 (Jim Starlin's amazing wrap-up to the Warlock/Magus epic), X-Men #97 (Eric the Red, Polaris, and Dave Cockrum art, baby), followed by Iron Fist #3 (Claremont and Byrne!), Defenders #32 (Nighthawk's brain), Marvel Chillers #3 (Tigra), and Fantastic Four #167 (The Thing and The Hulk together). What a great month, huh?


  1. And people wonder why we love comics so much back then. Look at all that beautiful artwork.

    Shane G.

  2. I agree with totally with Shane G's comment. It almost depresses me at how awesome comics used to be compared to what passes for them today.

  3. Hey Groove, a thought for a column. Perhaps the 10 "kookiest" stories for a given year? I was inspired by DD #63, 1970, which I was reading last night, in which the prison psychologist, Matt, and Fogey, decide to have the imprisoned Gladiator put on his uniform and saw blades to see if it helps cure his alleged amnesia. I'm not sure how Roy came up with that plot but it was definitely kooky, off the wall... And it all took place on an Alcatraz-like prison on an island. How Daredevil would have happened to get on and off the island... surely more heads than mine where spinning after reading that story???



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