Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Black and White Wednesday: "Angel of Jaipur" by DuBay and Severin

Sometimes Ol' Groove just has to sit back and let two masters of the medium let their work do the talking for them. From Creepy #89 (April 1977) here are Bill DuBay and John Severin with..."angel of Jaipur"!


  1. John Severin did some amazing work for Warren; both at its very beginning and near the tail end. This story shows an accumulation of all the tricks he'd learned in the trade by that point.

  2. Absolutely amazing, that might be the single best post you ever made. I can't get enough of old war comics.

  3. Always great to see work by John Severin, Groove, especially his b&w stuff. Thanks for posting.
    Btw, nice timing (even if the story is mainly about the British:)




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