Monday, August 7, 2017

Marvel-ous Monday: "The Hottest Slot In Town!" by Gerber, Skrenes, and Mooney

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Here we are with the final ish of Steve Gerber, Mary Skrenes, and Jim Mooney's Omega the Unknown. What an ending! Talk about a cliffhanger! Oh, how Ol' Groove wishes that, even if Omega wouldn't have continued, that Gerber and Skrenes could have actually finished the story in the Defenders as they'd envisioned it. Marvel has made some baaad moves, and that was one of the worst. Still, this ish still has some interesting stuff (besides that ending): Omega in glasses (but still wearing his headband--a dig at Clark Kent?); getting rich in Las Vegas; Nedley's funeral; a seemingly random monster just popping up out of nowhere; and Defenders' foe Ruby Thursday. (A hint of what could have come? We'll never know.) Let's travel back to June 1977 for..."The Hottest Slot In Town!"
Cover art by Dave Cockrum and Pablo Marcos

(Note to Groove-ophile keythd23: Your long nightmare is over! No more Omega! ;D)


  1. When in early '80 Omega was translated in Italy, I was really intrigued by this character. This kind of an end shocked me for month.

  2. Man, I'd still love to know what Gerber's plans for this baby were! One of the more intriguing series of the 70's, IMHO.

  3. You could make it a Level 10 Nightmare by adding the 2 issues of the Defenders which tied up this wonderful character!

  4. I didn't care much for the series. But that cover by Cockrum/Marcos was magnificent. I remember when I picked it up (yes, I was a Marvel Zombie. So I bought all ten issues of Omega) thinking, "Now if only the rest if the book was as good as this cover".



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