Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Decent Comics: "Underworld Reward!" by Skeates and Aparo!

Glub, glub, Groove-ophiles! Ya know, Ol' Groove can remember getting this comic way back in January 1969. Dear Ol' Dad brought it home from his trip to the local King Kwik, and man, did it stick with me. He got me the mag 'cause he knew I loved watching Aquaman and his pals on Saturday mornings. When I opened the mag, this wasn't at all like the cartoon, baby! Aquaman fighting gangsters? Whoa! And that Big Scary Monster Aqualad is preparing to fight on page 19? Double whoa! Naturally, I loved "Underworld Reward!" Still do!
Cover art by Nick Cardy


  1. That was cool, growing up I was never into Aquaman mainly because of the Superfriends TV show. Still miss word balloons on the covers. That was always a big hook for me as a kid.

  2. Ohh man, what a great comic! I love this one and the whole arc from which it comes. I was sad that my little Bronze Age project began after this issue.

  3. Love the cover. This issue is a gap in my SAG Aquaman collection. Thanks for running it. Jim Aparo seemed to be trying to outdo Neal Adams in his panel arrangements.



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