Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Grooviest Covers of All Time #7

What it is!

Someone said, "Hey, Groove! You posted all those great Mike Kaluta covers yesterday, but ya didn't post a single one featuring the Shadow!"

Glad someone's paying attention!

'Twas all part of the plan, Groove-ophiles. Presenting my TWO favorite Shadow covers!

The Shadow #4 (January, 1974)

The Shadow #10 (January, 1975)

Hope you dig 'em as much as I dig 'em! And remember: The weed of crime bears bitter fruit!


  1. I loved the Mike Kaluta AND Frank Robbins versions of The Shadow.

    Good times, good times ...

  2. I liked Robbins' version, too, though not as much as Kaluta's. Robbins' version had a really cool comic-strip feel to it, though. I'm sure I'll showcase Mr. Robbins sometime in the near future. He did some awesome work on Batman, Captain America, and the Invaders!



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