Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Those Groovy Saturday Morning Cartoon Ads

Hey, hey, hey! The first weekend of September is almost upon us! Back in the Groovy Age, that meant one thing--new Saturday Morning Cartoons! Big ol' ads in the January cover-dated comics told us all we needed to know to plan those magical mornings in front of the tee-vee. See if these spark some memories...












  1. I love those Saturday morning cartoon ads. I remember all that you showed except for the one with the Banana Splits. Don't know why I never saw that one.

  2. If I'm not mistaken (going on memory alone, here) the ad with the Banana Splits ran in Gold Key comics. I couldn't find the CBS 1970 ad (with the debut of Scooby Doo), and I don't remember any ads at all for 1971 or 1973. (Surely they exist, I just don't remember 'em--or have any comics with them.)

    Thanks for reading and posting, Rick. I love your blogs!!

  3. Same as Rick, I never saw the Banana Splits ad. That first one though, from 1967, is great nostalgia for me. Thanks for compiling all these!

  4. OMG!! When I saw your blog this morning I got soooo excited!! Then I realizd that NO! this was when I was a kid and NO! they aren't coming on this Saturday!! What a pity. Kids today don't have a clue what it felt like to wake up to Shazam, The Banana Splits, The Archies, Johnny Quest etc. Boomerang shows some of these, and that's great (I still watch), but that Saturday Morning Excitement just ain't the same. Poor Kids.

  5. Another fun post-H.R.Pufnstuf should make a modern day return to television just like the Banana Splits. Do you remember the kickoff preview shows that some of the networks would air the Friday nights before the Saturday morning lineups would start? Someone probably has a few up on YouTube?

  6. I really miss these ads. They'd get me so excited for the upcoming cartoon season. I love the CBS ones the most. The Filmation shows always bring a smile to my face!

  7. WOW! these are awesome. I'm doing a little art project which revives and commemorates a lot of these Saturday Morning toons....

  8. Thanks so much!

    When I think how many times I must have poured over these...

    Living in Canada, no cable in the early seventies. It was sweet torture to consider the fact that only a border away, kids were watching the likes of The Partridge Family In Outer Space...and even, simply, Scooby Doo. Our diet was 1965 Batman, Filmation Spiderman, bizzare French kids' shows, Captain Scarlet, plus Golden Age cartoons. Not so bad, when I think of it, and now that I know some of the untouchable treasures (eg. Partridges in Space) were less than world-class...

    Far from regrettig my enthusiasm for Saturday morning I realise, "stay interested in something, all your life."



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