Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Topps and Marvel Stick(er) Together: The 1975/76 Marvel Super Hero Sticker Sets

Back in 1975/76, Topps, the premiere bubble-gum card company of the Groovy Age (dare I say, of all time?), put out two sets of comic book stickers. Each set had about 40 stickers and 9 checklist cards (the backs of the cards formed a puzzle). Nearly every character Marvel published at the time got to pop off at least one corny one-liner. Some character choices were obvious like Spidey, Captain America, the Hulk, Daredevil, and the FF, while some were really weird like Conan, Deathlok, Killraven, Frankenstein, Howard the Duck, Master of Kung Fu, and...Son of Satan?!? A few characters who had more than one super-identity appeared in each guise, like Clint Barton aka Hawkeye and Goliath. It was a fun way to spend those extra dimes (yep, they were ten cents a pack!), and you could spend hours trading, wheeling, and dealing with your friends. Young Groove had 'em all (I still have the Conan puzzle)! Check 'em out, Groovesters!

(Click 'em to super-size 'em!)

The 1975 set was just called "Comic Book Heroes Stickers"; it wasn't until 1976 that the mighty Marvel brand got its name on the pack as "Marvel Super Hero Stickers". Can you dig it?

Here's the Conan puzzle the backs of the second set's checklist cards made:

Far-out, huh? And 'cause Ol' Groove is so big hearted, here are a few from the 76 set to drool over:

Hope you really dug sticking around (ugh!) the Diversions HQ today! Peace!


  1. Another great memory sparked from one of your posts. I had many of those great Marvel stickers pressed firmly onto my bedroom door. Great to see the one-liners I had long forgotten. Can't believe my parents let me cover my bedroom door with these and many other stickers. Still haven't been able to uncover the Team-Up issue yet.

  2. I didn't see my favorite. It was Warlock holding his hands in the air and he says..."Stop me if you've heard this before." Doesn't sound like much now but it made me laugh then.

  3. Chris, my parents would'a killed me! I stuck 'em on notebooks and such, myself. Remember those Mead binders with the Marvel covers on them (yeah, another post in the making, I'm on it, never fear!)? The insides of mine were filled with Marvel stickers.

    Sorry you haven't located your MTU #79 yet. You'll find it!

    Rick, if I could've found that Warlock sticker, it'd been the first one up (in place of the Captain Marvel one). Warlock is my fave! The stickers from the 76 series are really hard to find online! If I run across it, I'll find an excuse to show it off, that's a promise!

  4. Wow, I had totally forgotten these. I was a big fan of them back in the day too - what humor! I wonder if Art Spiegelman wrote any of them?

  5. I haven't found any source that places the blame--er, credit for the writing of those nutty stickers, Mike.

  6. Aw, shucks, David. You're just saying that 'cause it's true. :D

  7. Just got a Captain Marvel Sticker and it was missing the copyright and date stamped on the card, was that because it got misprinted? Or was that normal? Anyone know?

  8. I have the Full Set Of them does anyone Know if they are worth any money value and if so who Do i sell them to

  9. any idea how many were made ?

  10. Awesome stickers! Thanks for posting these!



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