Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fantastic 50th Post!

What's happening, Groovesters! Welcome to a very special edition of Diversions of the Groovy Kind! Today, it's all about the 50s!

No, not those fifties, Arthur! I'm talking about fiftieth issues. Lasting fifty issues (or more) was a major accomplishment during the Groovy Age of Comics. Most comics that premiered during that time lasted less than dozen issues, while a lucky few lasted maybe twice that. So, to celebrate our fiftieth post, Ol' Groove proudly presents the cavortin' covers to fifty comics that actually made it to that fiftieth milestone issue during the Age we call Groovy. Enjoy!



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Special thanks to Mike's Amazing World of Comics and Grand Comics Database for being such fantastic resources for covers, dates, creator info, etc. Thou art treasures true!

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As for the rest of ya, the purpose of this blog is to (re)introduce you to the great comics of the 1970s. If you like what you see, do what I do--go to a comics shop, bookstore, e-Bay or whatever and BUY YOUR OWN!