Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Grooviest Covers of All Time #5

Gil Kane probably did more covers than anyone for Marvel back during the Groovy Age. Because of the sheer number of covers he had to do, not to mention the speed at which he had to churn them out, some of them were clunkers. Most of 'em, however, were classics, like the cover to Amazing Spider-Man #101. Man, what better way to introduce a new villain than having him backhand Spidey (sporting six arms no less!) down a flight of stairs?

Morbius turned out to be one of the cooler characters of the Groovy Age. A sci-fi vampire co-created by Kane and Roy Thomas, Michael Morbius graduated from being an eerie Spidey villain to a tortured anti-hero in the pages of Vampire Tales and Aventure into Fear.

On a completely different note, after scoping Morbius' costume one more time, I latched onto this thought: Morbius, Iron Fist, and Deadman all must've have the same tailor! Can you dig it?


  1. Too bad the long V-neck look is no longer used for characters today. All that was missing was the gold chain with a medallion!

  2. i love how morby give spidey a backhand b**ch slap on the cover of 101!



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