Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Uranium Willy!

Here's a special Black and White Wednesday feature for my man, Uranium Willy. His PC's on the fritz and today's his birthday. Not many bigger bummers than not being able to blog on yer birthday! This one's for you, Willy!

This particular story, also from Thrilling Adventure Stories #1, was perhaps Young Groove's favorite story in the whole issue. Its heavy-handed morals about the stupidity of bigotry and the nobility of self-sacrifice just hit me where I live, ya dig? As for the story itself, it can best be described as, "What if Irwin Allen did grindhouse flicks?" You just have'ta read it to believe it, baby! Here's "The Sting of Death!" by John Albano and Leo Summers!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Thanks. i am back now and have managed to catch up a couple posts and gt a couple new side project blogs off the ground. Really great of you. So much stuff on your site really, the Jim Starlin Warlock...WOW!!!! Those were so perfect really. I am gonna get around to making you a new banner one of these days too, something more eye catching..

    again thanks




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