Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Making a Splash! Marvel Comics, November, 1974

Most comics-centric sites and blogs post covers. We all love covers. Covers are what sold us on many books back in the Groovy Age. But, you know Ol' Groove likes to be different (I have no choice!), so I got to thinking about...splash pages! Real splash pages. The first page of the comic that tried almost as hard as the cover to nab your interest. Ya know, sometimes splash pages helped sell comics, too. Many was the time we'd trade for coverless comics. There were even times (Shhh! No tattling!) when we'd find coverless comics wrapped in cellophane three for a quarter. So for today's Thanksgiving Treat, I'll be tossing up a splash page salad made of the coolest of the cool from Marvel Comics, 34 years ago this very month (don't let that "February" in the indicia fool ya, Groove-ophile, these babies came out in time for Turkey Day, 1974).

Hope ya didn't get too full! I've got more Thanksgiving goodies coming your way tomorrow! Pax!


  1. What a brilliant concept for a montage! I'm definitely filing this one for further reference: it's a critical part of the evolution of comics storytelling, and one mostly overlooked today.

  2. more like this, please, Groovester!

  3. Your wish is my command! I plan on doing two of these for December, one for DC and one for Marvel.



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