Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Thanksgiving Feast: Goodwin, Ditko, Wood, Chaykin, and Starlin

Happy Thanksgiving, Groove-ophiles! I hope you're having a great day. Me, I've been slaving over a hot keyboard to bring you a veritable feast of comicbook greatness. Each one of the following magnificent mags first appeared on the stands in November, 1974. Rather than spend a bunch of time rappin' about these four-color classics, Ol' Groove is just gonna serve 'em up and let you scarf 'em down. Besides, these mags are so great, my describing 'em would be a sin akin to putting peanut butter and mayonnaise on grandma's home made dressing! Bon appetite!

Let's start with a tasty appetizer, shall we? Here's a good one! The Destructor #1 by Archie Goodwin, Steve Ditko, and Wally Wood !

Next, have a heaping helping of Howard Chaykin's The Scorpion #1!

And now for the main course, Ol' Grooves all-time favorite single issue: Strange Tales #178's "Who Is Adam Warlock?" by Jim Starlin!


  1. ah, them's was the days! & each one a bonafide classic!

  2. ah, them's the days! & every one a bonafide classic! sweet!

  3. Loved those Adam Warlock issues; they are among my favorite comics.

  4. Man, I love those old Atlas books. I still see them all the time in quarter boxes. And the Warlock story is one of the earlier comics I remember reading, cementing Starlin as a favorite for me.

  5. this bog is irritating as hell! now i have to go re-buy those ditko/wood DESTRUCTOR issues. :)

  6. This is great stuff. I'm enjoying the Warlock story but you seem to have missed the link to page 16.

  7. Thanks for catching that, Chris! The old blogger bugaboos. I've got it working now.

  8. Another awesome post. Thanks Groove and Happy Thanksgiving



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