Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Miscellanea: Watchmen, Great Blogs, and Red Sonja, Too

ITEM! Well, Ol' Groove made it to the movies this past weekend and caught the Watchmen flick. Visually stunning. Some great acting (Jackie Earl Haley as Rorschach, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the Comedian, and Patrick Wilson as Nite-Owl nail their parts. Haley is magnificent!). If you dug the Watchmen graphic novel and/or director Zack Snyder's version of 300, you'll more than likely dig this flick. If you didn't like the graphic novel...or if you are looking forward to seeing a giant octopus-like creature wreaking havoc on New York City...give it a miss. Oh, and it is rated "R" for many, many reasons. Leave the kids at home, man!

ITEM! I looove to read other folks' blogs. So many interesting things to read about and see. So many different perspectives. Keeps Ol' Groove's mind sharp, dig? Plus there are some that help me keep up with what else is going on in the Blogosphere. One such blog is the incredible QuasarDragon, where blogger Dave Tackett pulls together what feels like thousands and thousands of links every week. If you want to find freebies and articles pertaining to sci-fi and fantasy, Dave's the man to go see. Audio fiction, e-fiction, free comics, gaming, videos, photos, articles, e-zines--you name it, Dave's got a link for ya! He's like the Internet version of the Watcher, man!

ITEM! Seems like you Groove-ophiles really dug the piece on Red Sonja I laid on ya, so how about a look-see at a gem I recently dug up that features our favorite red-haired chick in chain mail? This is a little-seen short that appeared as a back-up waaaaay back in Conan the Barbarian #48 (December 1974), so it is another early appearance (falling between Savage Sword of Conan #1 and Marvel Feature #1) of the "metal bikini" we all love so well. Not only that, but the story, titled "Episode" is written by Rascally Roy Thomas, himself, with art by Big John Buscema and Dick (my Action Heroes line inspired Watchmen) Giordano! Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for the comments on Watchmen! Still not sure if I'll check it out — as I say, not necessarily my cup of tea but I'm always interested in how the big screen interprets comics.

    And thanks for the Sonja stuff. Incredible work by Buscema and Giordano! And written by Thomas, to boot! Not a bad creative team, eh?

  2. Thanks for posting. I remember reading the original in Bible class when it first came out! Dynamite has republished this twice, I think, but nothing beats the original.



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