Monday, November 9, 2009

Mining For Gold(en): "The Monstrosity Chase!"

It's time for more Michael Golden greatness as he applies his peerless pencils once again to a bodacious Batman adventure, this one from Batman Family #18 (March 1978). "The Monstrosity Chase!" is written by Denny O'Neil and inked by P. Craig Russell--rounding out a Groovy Age Dream-Team if there ever was one--as they treat us to an adventure featuring the Batman Ol' Groove digs the most: smart, cool, resourceful, human and humane. O'Neil's story gives off a very cool Will Eisner vibe with it's running news commentary by D.J. Barry Dark (a far-out character in his own right), and the Dark Knight shows why he's the world's greatest detective as he pits those skills against both time and the elements. Golden and Russell's art is rich in detail and inventive character and costume designs. It's also much moody and action packed. If this one doesn't get your pulse pounding, Groove-ophile, you'd better dial 911!


  1. I tell ya, Mike Golden's Batman work don't get nearly enough attention as it deserves.

  2. You are so right, Mighty Joe! Maybe DC will wise up and collect 'em. Til then, stay tuned. Batman and Ragman by Golden is coming...

  3. Wow, I haven't seen a couple of these Golden stories.
    He's one of the very best, isn't he? Always a bit odd how Golden draws amazing machinery and detail, yet his faces, anatomy and eyes seem to get distorted.
    All part of the style, I suppose.



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