Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Feast 2009: Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers "Midnight of the Gods"

It's time for part two of our Groovy Age Thanksgiving feast! Are ya ready for more? Okey dokey, then, prepare to satisfy your munchies with more Steve Englehart magic (writing as "John Harkness") as he teams up with Marshall Rogers on a Mister Miracle shocker titled "Midnight of the Gods" (Mister Miracle #22, November 1977). Sterling Steve sure dug the witching hour, didn't he? (Muchas gracias to scanner HaCsA*Imbie!)

Are ya full yet? Well, hang in there, baby! Dessert is served in six more hours. Til then, enjoy your afternoon!


  1. Always lovely to see any of "Mr. Miracle mark 2" posted. The New Gods revival of the late 70s was pretty bland, but this brief run of Mr. Miracle showed so much promise: strong stories and ideas by Englehart and Gerber, and breathtaking art by Rogers and then Golden.

  2. I'll agree that the Return of the New Gods was kind of dull, but to me, that was on the story end. I thought Newton produced some pretty impressive art on that series. We'll take a look at it e'er long.

  3. Hey Groovy One!
    Thanks for posting this! I loved Marshal Roger's way too short stint on Mr.Miracle. As we'll as Michael Golden. I especially loved the use of zip a tone back in the 70's. Here on Mr.Miracle & especially on Marvel's Tomb of Dracula by Gene Colan & Tom Palmer.

    Even thought Marshal Roger's wasn't Jack "KING" Kirby. I mean who is? Roger's did a great job! I just wish he had done ALOT more comics! Especially on Batman! To me he was the seconding coming of Bob Kane when he did his run on Detective Comics. Doe's any one know why he left DC so abruptly? Why didn't he do anything after Detective & Mr.Miracle basically.

    Thanks for all your hard work! You'll website is#1 with me! God I miss the 70's! When life was much simpler, fun & people still had a sense of humor, common sense & comics were fun. Had great stories & art still. Also the heroes were just that heroes still!



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