Sunday, November 22, 2009

Warriors and Wizards Week! Sunday Funnies: "Wednesday's Child" and "The King of the Ring" Plops! by Wally Wood

In the mid-70s, Wally Wood was back doing some work for DC. Woody was applying his talents to cool stuff like inking the JSA (in All-Star Comics) and Stalker (over Steve Ditko pencils) to ca-razee stuff like these two Plop! offerings! Wotta way to wrap up our
Warriors and Wizards Week!
From Plop! #14 (April 1975) and Plop! #23 (July 1976) here are "Wednesday's Child" (written by Marv Wolfman) and (may Tolkien forgive us!) "The King of the Ring!"


  1. Wally Wood was one of a kind. I never get tired of looking at his work.


  2. Wednesday's Child is a strange little tale, isn't it? It's almost like Woody took a deadly serious script and thought "To hell with it, I'm gonna draw this as a comedy!"

    And The King Of The Ring is a scream! Gondeaf and Snyder, Norks and Nazighouls? Brilliant!



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