Thursday, November 19, 2009

Warriors and Wizards Week! Grooviest Covers of All Time: John and Marie Severin's Kull

Warriors and Wizards Week!
Few sword and sorcery comics ever enjoyed such a run of rich, majestic, and classically illustrated covers as Marvel's Kull series. Siblings John and Marie Severin, whether working solo or in tandem, turned out a batch of covers that truly deserve to be called masterpieces! What say thou, Groove-ophiles?


  1. Hey Groovy One!
    I was lucky enough to speak with Marie by phone several times. About two years ago. These were her favorite works. Especially, since she got to work with her brother John. Fans forget she not only drew Not Brand Ecch.

    But she designed & touched up many covers for Marvel. I loved her Sub-Mariner covers as a kid! My all time favorite though was the cover to the Tower of Shadows#5. The Monster that Devoured Hollywood! She also told me she actually redrew the face of the Hulk on the Hulk annual#1. Yes the one Jim Steranko drew!!

  2. Nice. Especially the fourth one with all the monsters. Look at the detail on the snake thing wrapped around his leg.

  3. for about 2 weeks now, whenever i go to your site, it takes a long time to load (which it never did before) and then when it does it locks up my whole PC for about a minute. Opening individual pages repeatsthe issue. Haven't had this issue anywhere else.

  4. It was the tag cloud. Somehow it brought the whole site down. Back to a list for Ol' Groove!



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